IIS: Visuell identitet och språk

IIS: Visual identity and language

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IIS: Visual identity and language

The IIS visual identity is our public face. It expresses who we are and what we stand for. This manual talks about how to use logos, colors, fonts and images. Everyone should follow these guidelines.

Our vision and our value tells who we are, what we offer and the goals we want to reach. It can be summed up in this way: Through growth and quality maintenance, IIS should be the obvious choice of a TLD supplier, giving more resources to the development of the internet and its services that broadens the business of IIS. How we formulate ourselves is an important part of how we are perceived. This is why we have guidelines for tonality, language and use of concepts.


All Swedes want to, dare to, and know how to use the internet.

Want to

Our events, courses, and guides make it easier and more fun to understand and use the internet’s services.

Dare to

Our commitment to security, privacy, and an open internet makes the net an open place where everyone can take part in the internet’s possibilities.

Know how

Our internet is a stable and secure infrastructure that meets current and future needs in Sweden.



We believe in openness and sharing. By acting transparently, we are a credible organization to trust in Sweden’s internet.


We like and believe in the internet. The internet contributes positively to human and social development. By moving the internet forward, we are shaping our common future.


We keep our promises. Through high professionalism and continuous improvements, we always deliver services worthy of the highest trust.

Our brand in speech and writing

In everyday speech


The Internet Foundation in Sweden

In extended text form

When the logotype is present we only write "IIS".

When the logotype is not present, we write "The Internet Foundation in Sweden, IIS" the first time, and just "IIS" after that.

Main domain (internet)


Hashtag – when tagging in social media


Handle – user name in social media

IIS (if possible), otherwise Foundation or Internet Foundation

Tonality and language use

Tonality is the voice of IIS and mirrors how we want to be perceived. It’s about which word we choose and the way we compose sentences. Since we want to include everyone and share our knowledge, we want everyone to be able to understand and feel that we write in an easy to understand way. Therefore, the language should be simple and straightforward, contrary to bureaucratic. Personal mannerisms should not be present on the IIS website, but occasionally there is room for it in other external communication – depending on the situation.

In order to meet the requirements we have on ourselves, it is important that everyone uses the same tonality through a common use of language. Therefore, we have some simple guidelines:

  • Write simply, short and concrete
  • Write straightforward sentences and explain difficult concepts, such as technical terms we are accustomed to but perhaps not everyone else in the world around us. An example of a straightforward sentence is: “IIS organizes a seminar where we will discuss how the domain name system, DNS, works”. Compared to the sentence: “How DNS works will be explained by IIS in a seminar”. In the second sentence, we have not used a normal word order and also have not explained what the acronym DNS stands for. This makes it more difficult to understand what we mean. 
  • Use active verb forms, for example, “IIS organizes…”, “The service gives…”, etcetera.

Writing rules

When we talk about ourselves, we always write IIS (with capital letters). The first time IIS is mentioned in a stand-alone text, we write out “The Internet Foundation in Sweden, IIS”, for example in press releases. We do not use other names like “IIS Registry”, “IIS Development” or “IIS Communication” in external communication. We are only talking about IIS.

When we use the genitive case (which describes ownership), we write “IIS'”, not “IIS’s”. 

We write “internet” and “the net” with lowercase first letters, not “the Internet” or “the Net.”

Write out abbreviations and numbers under twelve

We write out abbreviations, such as “for example” and “etcetera”, we do not write “eg.” or “etc”.

Some accepted abbreviations can however be good to use. The abbreviation “app” is so established that the abbreviation is preferable to “application”, which could easily be perceived as tedious. Sometimes it may be appropriate to give a brief explanation: “App, or application as the abbreviation stands for, is simply a program you can install on your mobile phone. The concept of apps began to be used more extensively in 2008, when Apple launched the App Store for the iPhone, which is store for Apple’s mobile phone programs.”

We write out numbers under twelve in the body of a text. In a text with many numbers, it may be necessary to use numbers instead of the written form, for example, in a financial report.


Download the IIS logotype as EPS, JPG, and PNG (ZIP file)

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