IIS: Visuell identitet och språk

IIS: Visual identity and language

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Writing rules

When we talk about ourselves, we always write IIS (with capital letters). The first time IIS is mentioned in a stand-alone text, we write out “The Internet Foundation in Sweden, IIS”, for example in press releases. We do not use other names like “IIS Registry”, “IIS Development” or “IIS Communication” in external communication. We are only talking about IIS.

When we use the genitive case (which describes ownership), we write “IIS'”, not “IIS’s”. 

We write “internet” and “the net” with lowercase first letters, not “the Internet” or “the Net.”

Write out abbreviations and numbers under twelve

We write out abbreviations, such as “for example” and “etcetera”, we do not write “eg.” or “etc”.

Some accepted abbreviations can however be good to use. The abbreviation “app” is so established that the abbreviation is preferable to “application”, which could easily be perceived as tedious. Sometimes it may be appropriate to give a brief explanation: “App, or application as the abbreviation stands for, is simply a program you can install on your mobile phone. The concept of apps began to be used more extensively in 2008, when Apple launched the App Store for the iPhone, which is store for Apple’s mobile phone programs.”

We write out numbers under twelve in the body of a text. In a text with many numbers, it may be necessary to use numbers instead of the written form, for example, in a financial report.